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Are you interested in animal training?

Mary Hunter and Ginger - edited2
On this blog I share stories of my animal training adventures, information about the science of animal training and behavior, and tips and advice to help you improve your training. 

Join me as we explore the best training strategies for creating fast learning, effective communication, and enthusiastic, willing animals.

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~Mary Hunter

Recent posts from the StaleCheerios blog

Ginger practicing leave it using clicker training

Dog treat review: Science Diet Soft Savories

Last month, Ginger and I had the opportunity to review some more yummy treats from The treats were Hill’s Science Diet Soft Savories with Beef & Cheddar Dog Treats. The Soft Savories treats are a new line of treats that have recently been released by Science Diet. Ginger really liked these treats! I know […]

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Book giveaway: Decoding Your Dog

I recently reviewed the book Decoding Your Dog on my blog. (You can find my full review of the book here.) This week, I’ll be giving away a copy of the book here on the Stale Cheerios blog. This is a pretty interesting book for anyone interested in dog behavior or dog training. There’s lots […]

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Cover of the book Decoding Your Dog

Decoding your dog (book review)

I have been reading (and listening) to a book called Decoding Your Dog. I say listening, because I have a hard copy of the book, but I’ve mainly been listening to the audiobook I downloaded through my subscription. The book, which is both interesting and informative, was written to provide dog owners with up-to-date […]

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Flower the rat learns to fetch

Wordless Wednesday: New Tricks

What new trick is Flower learning this week using clicker training? Hint: It might have something to do with this month’s “Put Your Toys Away!” training challenge on the clicker training Facebook group. Stay tuned for more updates and a video. For some of Flower’s previous tricks, check out this video of her Inside Out […]

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