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There are SO many animal training books and DVDs, that it can be a bit overwhelming! In this section, you’ll find all of the book and DVD reviews that I’ve posted on my site. If you’re new to positive animal training and the science of animal training, I recommend starting with Karen Pryor’s book, Don’t Shoot the Dog.

Giddyupflix: Rent Horse DVDs Online

It surprises me how many horse DVD rental services exist. I’ve written in the past about horseflix, but I know of at least several others. These services are like netflix, but with horse training videos. I recently switched from horseflix to So far I’ve been much happier with giddyupflix. The wait times seem about […]

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Carolyn Resnick — The Waterhole Rituals DVD

I recently rented Carolyn Resnick’s DVD, An Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals, from horseflix. I learned about Carolyn’s methods from several friends.  Carolyn advocates beginning the training process at liberty and working on developing a bond with the horse, rather than immediately teaching a set of behaviors. I think training at liberty is extremely valuable–it empowers […]

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Note: I no longer use Horseflix, but instead use a service called giddyupflix. Click here to read why I switched. What happens when you combine the concept of Netflix with over 500 horse training and instructional DVDs (as well as a handful of fictional movies, some documentaries and other fun horse-related DVDs)? You get Horseflix! […]

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