Clicker Carnival #3

Welcome to the third edition of the clicker carnival. This month’s edition of the carnival has links to some great training articles from the month of November. From good books to clever tricks, these articles will inspire you and (hopefully!) give you a few new things to think about during the month of December. Happy training!

Looking for good training resources? (Or what about a present for a dog loving friend?) Eric Goebelbecker’s post,Five Dog Training Books All Dog Owners Should Have, posted on his blog Dog Spelled Forward is a great list of some top dog books. If you haven’t read these books, I encourage you to check some of them out!

So you and your dog love positive training. Great! But sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with clever tricks to teach our pets. Lisa Taylor presents 10 Best Unique and Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog posted at Veterinary Technician Schools Online. Take a look a the list, maybe you’ll be inspired to try some of these with your own pet!

Angela Adams MSc CABC presents The Shape Of Things To Come posted at fun4fido blog – clicker training 4 dogs. Loose leash walking is one of the biggest problems dog owners have with their dogs. However leash training can be very difficult for the novice trainer, especially if they don’t have a well thought out plan. Angela discusses how to address this training task using shaping and small approximations.

KD writes an Update on Shop Dog Training posted at The Trick Ponies of Chincoteague. The trick ponies blog usually focuses on horses, but every once in awhile, Dachshund Ammo gets his own post. Kyley wrties about teaching a set of opposite cues to reduce Ammo’s barking when he goes to work with her.

Does your dog need a trainer? Some training problems can be solved on your own but sometimes professional help might be needed. But how do you decide if you can handle the problem on your own? Jake presents Does your dog need a trainer? posted at Dog Training Pet. This article gives some good tips about when it might be useful to find a professional trainer.

Can an old dog learn a new trick? Of course he can! Jody Diehl discusses working with her older dog in her post Train for Life at her blog, Dog Training with Jody Diehl. As our dogs age we might want to teach different behaviors or our criteria for other behaviors might change. The post is also a great reminder that training is a life long activity!

House training one puppy can be hard enough. But what about house training two at the same time? Debbie Davidson writes about her adventures house training her current two puppies in her post House Training 101 on her dog training blog. What I especially like about this post is it’s full of good examples of how to arrange the environment so that your dog has a high chance of being successful.

Lastly, here’s a neat video of Shimmer, one of our yearlings at the horse rescue learning to trailer load. Trailer loading can be a scary, difficult task for many horses, but as Shimmer shows in the post Shimmer Practices Trailer Loading, trailer loading is easy if you use positive reinforcement!

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