Dog Training Begins in Earnest

So I’ve signed our dog Ginger up for some clicker training classes at a place in Dallas that offers agility, pre-agility and obedience classes. The classes start this evening and I’m excited. Ginger’s excited, too. Actually, she’s not, because she doesn’t know about the classes yet. But, if she did know, she’d be super excited because she likes getting to meet new dogs and she absolutely loves getting to ride in the car. Ginger’s kind of well behaved, but we’ve never done a whole lot of formal training with her.

So far, I’ve dabbled in clicker training with Ginger and with a handful of horses. The horses have by far been easier. This is probably partially because I just have a lot more experience teaching cues to horses than I do teaching dogs. I’ve taught Ginger a handful of simple tricks over the past couple of months, including speak and spin, and we’ve started on bowing. However, we get stuck every now and then, and it’s been hard as well because we don’t really have a plan we’re following or a final goal in mind. Taking some classes should be nice because we’ll have specific commands to work on and I’ll have a logical progression of things to teach her, rather than just randomly picking and choosing tricks. I’ll let you know what Ginger and I think of our first night of class.

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