Ginger’s Latest Dog Trick: Leg Weaves!

Here’s a video of Ginger’s progress on her latest trick! I haven’t done a whole lot of clicker training with Ginger dog recently, due to a variety factors. However, Ginger loves clicker training and gets pretty excited when I pull out the clicker and treats. So, we started on a new trick this past weekend and I plan to be more consistent about training this fall.

I decided to teach her to weave in and out of my legs as I walk. It’s a cute trick that looks impressive but it’s not (too) hard to teach. She has already caught on to the basics of how to do it, so now we’re working on improving speed and fading out the number of treats and clicks she gets.

Shaping the behavior was initially a bit challenging. I started with a luring and then a target, but then was having trouble fading out the lure and target. Changing where I stood and how I delivered the treat really helped to reduce errors. Once we get the behavior so that it’s pretty fluent I plan to make a short video showing exactly how I taught this.

But for now, enjoy Ginger showing off as she practices her latest trick!
Watch Ginger’s Leg Weave Trick on Youtube

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