Pictures of the Ponies

Here are some photos I took today while I was out playing with the ponies. This was the 4th time that I’ve been out to the rescue, and I’m starting to get to know some of these guys. Tootie and I had a lot of fun today, I’ll write more about what all we did tomorrow. For now, enjoy the pictures!

This is Luna, a black pony mare who I wrote about in this post.

Here’s another shot of little Luna.

Jack Jack, one of the two Burros.

Jack Jack was very interested in the camera…

This is Tootie, the yearling who I wrote about last week in this post.

He was extremely interested in the camera and was more interested in hanging out with me than in standing to have his picture taken. I tried walking away quickly to catch a shot, and he came trotting towards me.

So, we tried taking a few shots like this:

This is Legacy, the other yearling, and Luna. (Legacy has a question mark on her face, but it’s hard to see it with all her hair in the way!)

Here’s a picture of Legacy by herself.

This is Austin, a young draft-cross gelding. He’s friendly, but still not too sure about people. He’s quite cute, though! Chico (the other Burro) is grazing behind him.

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