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  • Elizabeth P

    Very impressive!

  • Mary H.

    Thanks! It’s not much so far, but I figure if I can teach him a new trick every ten days….we’ll be ready for the circus in no time! (Or something like that. Probably grad school is a better plan than the circus.)

  • Mary C

    Amazing – Now I would like to see some tricks with Ginger. MC

  • Mary H.

    Thanks Mary.

    My mom says I’m going to have to be careful spending all the time with the fish or Ginger’s going to get jealous!

    Ginger doesn’t know a whole lot of tricks, but the ones she knows, she knows well. I’ll have to make a video of her next.

  • Marjorie H

    Very clever!! I see a spot on David Letterman’s ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’
    (don’t be offended by the ‘stupid’ that is what the segment is called)
    in the near future for you! I’ll share this with Drew as his goldfish is
    enormous and could use your method as a form of weight control!

  • Mary H.

    I’ve been told that the bigger ones tend to be smarter (I guess they have more brain cells?) So, his fish might be quite trainable!

  • Welcome to the blog world, Mary! Alicia and Aaron have two gold fish, Goldie and Bromley. Perhaps you can give them some tips on training. Will put you on our “favorite” list so we can check in frequently.

  • S.K. Powers

    M.E. — This is great!
    I once saw a sort of mini-show at a zoo or wildlife park, where one of the staff animal experts put her trained cats through their paces. It was great fun and she was very good.
    I love your blog!

  • Ducky, I have decided that you are by far the coolest person I know. I’m having to catch up on your posts and loving every second!

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  • Brenda @ Youtube Lucy04574

    Hey good on you! Are you using any type of reward marker???

    • I am not using a clicker in these videos.

      I have experimented some recently with using a flashing pen light as my “clicker.”

      This video is basically luring, although the opening of the feeding wand might be counted as a marker signal.


  • Brenda @ Youtube Lucy04574

    Hey good on you! Are you using any type of event marker??

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  • Hassel Mikael

    Loved this video. I bought an aquarium last week, and yes, I want to train my fishes this trick. Do you know where I can buy a wand on the internet? and a hoop.


    • Hi Mikael,

      Sorry for taking a few days to get back to you. I've been working on a couple of big projects at school and have gotten behind on answering e-mails and blog comments!

      Here is the R2 fish school website:….

      They sell a training kit and then they also sell the wands separately, if you just want a wand. The training kit is a good deal– it contains the hoop, plus a bunch of other props for other tricks.

      You can also buy the kits and the wands on You might want to check both sites to see which one has cheaper international shipping.

      You will have to post some training videos of your fish on youtube! 🙂