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On this blog I share stories of my animal training adventures, information about the science of animal training and behavior, and tips and advice to help you improve your training. 

Join me as we explore the best training strategies for creating fast learning, effective communication, and enthusiastic, willing animals.

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Good Fortunes

Good Fortunes

Mom and I tried a new Thai restaurant today. The food was good, and it’s near our house, so it was a good find. It’s actually in a little Asian grocery store that recently expanded to include a restaurant. They gave us fortune cookies, which was interesting, because most of the Thai restaurants I’ve been […]

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First Night of Clicker Training Classes

Ginger and I just got back from our first night of clicker training classes. She’s now completely passed out on the living room floor. Man, she says, training is hard work! The class went well. I liked the instructor and the group isn’t too huge (there are 10 of us). I think it’s going to […]

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Dog Training Begins in Earnest

So I’ve signed our dog Ginger up for some clicker training classes at a place in Dallas that offers agility, pre-agility and obedience classes. The classes start this evening and I’m excited. Ginger’s excited, too. Actually, she’s not, because she doesn’t know about the classes yet. But, if she did know, she’d be super excited […]

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Pictures of the Ponies

Pictures of the Ponies

Here are some photos I took today while I was out playing with the ponies. This was the 4th time that I’ve been out to the rescue, and I’m starting to get to know some of these guys. Tootie and I had a lot of fun today, I’ll write more about what all we did […]

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Gracie and I become Friends (sort of)

I went out today for a third time today to the horse rescue I started volunteering at last week. Over the weekend we took the big paint gelding I wrote about last week to a local trainer who’s agreed to work with him. The trainer seemed like a great guy and has some past experience […]

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