A Friday Foto of a Really Weird Bird

Take a close look at this bird:

(photo by: Arnel B. Telesforo)

Any idea what kind of bird this is? When’s the last time you saw a bird like this? For that matter, when’s the last time anyone saw a bird like this?

The bird is a very rare species of quail known as the Worcester’s buttonquail. Scientists actually thought the buttonquail to be extinct. While drawings and museum specimens exist, this is probably the first picture of a living buttonquail on record. A TV crew snapped this picture before the bird was sold at a live poultry market in the Philippines. Although this specimen probably met a sad fate on someone’s dinner plate, there is now hope that more of the species exist in the wild, since even though they have not been seen in the wild recently, they are known to be a secretive, hard to find species.

The photo and more information can be found here.

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