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These are the photos. In this section you’ll find lots of great photos of some of the dogs, horses, rats, and other animals that I train and love. I hope they make you laugh and smile!

clicker training with mocha the catahoula puppy

Wordless Wednesday: A cute (and smart!) puppy

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday This is little Mocha, a four and a half month old Catahoula puppy. The Catahoula leopard dog is the state dog of Louisiana. Mocha has been hanging out with me recently and participating in our Lodge and Train program at Pappy’s Pet Lodge. Besides being 100% adorable, Mocha’s also one smart little puppy. […]

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Colt 45 - Maasa and I - KG

Friday fun: Colt 45

The handsome fellow in the photo below is someone I’d like to introduce you to, as he will probably be appearing some more on my blog this fall! This pretty paint is about a year old. His name is Colt 45 and he currently lives at Serenity Spring Sanctuary, a farm animal sanctuary in North […]

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clicker training a giraffe to touch a target

Wordless Wednesday: Giraffe Training

Okay, as usual, this is going to an an almost Wordless Wednesday post! I’ve been chatting some with Linda, who works at Zooworld in Panama City Beach, Florida. In the picture above she is working on target training (using clicker training) with one of the zoo’s young giraffes. I’ve written before about why training is […]

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Merry christmouse

Merry Christmouse!

Happy holidays to you, your family, and all of your pets and critters! I hope you are having a joyous holiday season. We are suppose to get some snow here in north Texas tomorrow, quite a rare occurrence. So, we might have a white Christmas for once, which would be pretty fun. At the very […]

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