If we can teach wild animals….

Have you seen Lili Chin’s latest poster?

It’s inspired by this great quote from Ted Turner (behaviorist and head trainer at Sea World):

“If you can teach a whale to pee in a cup, you can train your dog without punishment.”

The illustration features twelve great examples of wild animals who have been trained to do extraordinary tasks without any use of force or punishment. (For even more examples, see my post from earlier this year, Clicker training goes to the zoo.)

I was privileged to get to see some of the early drafts of this poster and offer suggestions and feedback. Lili hopes that this illustration will inspire pet owners to use gentle, humane, force-free animal training methods. You can read more about the poster on Lili’s website and even buy your very own copy!

Many examples of animals trained with clicker training and other positive reinforcement training methods
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