Chloe’s first rat agility course

Chloe, my agouti and white rat, is still pretty new to clicker training. I started training with her this summer and she has learned several simple tricks, including climbing onto a brick, going through a PVC pipe tunnel, and going over a cardboard jump.

This week, I decided to combine the tunnel trick and the jump trick into a simple chain of two behaviors. I recently build my rats an A-frame obstacle and I would love to teach them to do some agility courses with multiple obstacles. This chain of two behaviors isn’t much, but I think Chloe is off to a good start for her rat agility career!

I’ve gotten several requests recently for videos that show the whole process of training a behavior, so I will create a video that shows how I combined these two behaviors. However, I thought for now that I’d post a quick clip of the final product so that you could see what we’ve been working on.

There were a few hiccups, but all in all, we were able to create this chain of two behaviors quickly and smoothly. We combined both behaviors into a chain of one behavior over the course of about half a dozen one-minute training sessions.

Watch on YouTube: Chloe learns a chain of two behaviors

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