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ella cricket and mary

Ella finds a home and a new best friend

I am nearly done editing my notes from the clinic I audited with Alexandra Kurland two weeks ago. It’s taken awhile because there was lots of good information I wanted to include! I plan to publish the first post of notes tomorrow (Tuesday) and the second and third parts later in the week. So stay […]

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palomino horse getting scratches

All the Sheriff’s Horses

Or rather, two horses and three donkeys. Kirsten, Dawn and I took a short field trip down the road today to visit the equines currently at the sheriff’s station. The sheriff’s station is an uncertain place to be if you’re a horse. Most horses that end up at the sheriff’s are strays that won’t be […]

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Sherrif the donkey begins training

Sheriff the Shy (but curious!) Donkey

Sheriff the donkey was recently rescued and already has a new home! However, he is staying at the rescue for a short while until he can go to his new home. He is curious and interested in people, but can still be a bit shy and skeptical, especially when being approached. Once you get close, […]

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