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Beau tongue out

Wordless wednesday: Silly faces

On (almost) Wordless Wednesdays, I feature rescued animal in north Texas. I captured this great photo over the weekend at the rescue of our big black and white gelding, Beau, sticking his tongue out at Gracie. I was a bit far away, but I was pleased that I still managed to get a decent shot. […]

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Ginger Plays Doggie Hide and Seek (video)

On the Rewarding Behaviors Forum, we’re discussing Madison Moore’s seven seeking games this week. The seven seeking games are a set of activities she’s put together that make indoor training fun and interesting for you and your dog. (And as I discussed yesterday, training should be fun!) The games get progressively harder so that you […]

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Are You Having Fun Yet? (video)

Horse training (or dog training, parrot training, fish training, etc.) should be fun. Let me repeat, training an animal should be fun and enjoyable for both you and the animal! So, are you having fun yet? And is your horse or dog having the same amount of fun? Many times we say an animal (or […]

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