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Sunday Science: What is a concept?

Science Sunday posts are short posts about the science of animal behavior and training. They often feature a quote or a passage of text. Spend a moment today thinking about the ideas in the post. As always, you can share your thoughts or questions in the comments section. “What is a concept? This is another […]

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Luna Is An Awesome Pony!

I’ve known Luna for awhile now. She’s an adorable little fuzzy pony, almost entirely black, except for a small star (which is usually completely covered by her bushy forelock). She’s what people picture when they call the rescue, looking for a horse for their kids or grandkids. However, while she’s as cute as a button, […]

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Clicker Training for Veterinary Procedures

We’ve been talking a lot on facebook about using clicker training to teach your horse (or any other animal) to willingly participate in veterinary care. Many vet procedures, such as shots, wound care and even general examinations can be pretty frightening for a horse. Often the horse is not familiar with the vet and there […]

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