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Mady and the bunny - small

A training adventure with a bunny rabbit

When I’m training the dogs, I very often use food as a reward for good behavior. Most dogs are quite happy and eager to work for food. As well, dog treats or kibble are easy to deliver and can be consumed quickly by the dog. However, sometimes food is not quite so interesting and there […]

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summer weave poles

Finding new reinforcers

I’m working on a project right now about reinforcers. (More on this soon in an upcoming post!) So, as a result, I’ve been thinking a lot about reinforcement, reinforcers, and the different types of things trainers use during training to reward behavior. Many horse clicker trainers primarily use food during training to reinforce correct behavior. […]

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Many examples of animals trained with clicker training and other positive reinforcement training methods

If we can teach wild animals….

Have you seen Lili Chin’s latest poster? It’s inspired by this great quote from Ted Turner (behaviorist and head trainer at Sea World): “If you can teach a whale to pee in a cup, you can train your dog without punishment.” The illustration features twelve great examples of wild animals who have been trained to […]

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Fading out those clicks and treats

Fading out those clicks and treats

We’ve been having a good discussion recently on one of the clicker training facebook groups about how to reduce or fade out the clicks and treats when clicker training. When people start clicker training (What is clicker training?), many are afraid that they are doomed to always carry around a clicker and a bag of […]

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What is clicker training? Read this article to learn all about this positive reinforcement based method for training dogs, horses, and other animals.

What is clicker training?

Have you heard about clicker training? Clicker training is one of the fastest growing training methods because people who try clicker training find that their animals love it. Clicker training is a reward based training system that uses a special signal to tell the animal “Yes! That’s right!” In this article, you’ll learn all about […]

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