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Finding new reinforcers

I’m working on a project right now about reinforcers. (More on this soon in an upcoming post!) So, as a result, I’ve been thinking a lot about reinforcement, reinforcers, and the different types of things trainers use during training to reward behavior. Many horse clicker trainers primarily use food during training to reinforce correct behavior. […]

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Training for performance

Please visit my conference and seminar notes page for more notes from this seminar. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I audited a seminar in Dallas earlier this summer with Michele Pouliot. Michele is a very talented dog trainer who has won international competitions in the sport of canine freestyle. She has also worked for […]

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Fading out those clicks and treats

Fading out those clicks and treats

We’ve been having a good discussion recently on one of the clicker training facebook groups about how to reduce or fade out the clicks and treats when clicker training. When people start clicker training (What is clicker training?), many are afraid that they are doomed to always carry around a clicker and a bag of […]

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Slow and Right beats Fast and Wrong

Here’s a video I found recently that I really like. The video is of a gal named Lindsey and her mustang Breezy. The horse is a mustang yearling who was captured in Nevada. The video is titled “first 90 days of horse training.” Usually, when I find videos titled “the first x days of training,” […]

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