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Bizarre behavior makes sense!

Sometimes, our animals engage in behaviors that just seem really odd. You may find yourself shaking your head and thinking, “Why would my dog (or horse or parrot or other pet) ever do that??” (Alternatively, you may find yourself thinking the same thing when you are looking at a behavior that your co-worker, spouse, child, […]

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Assess your reinforcement delivery

This past weekend, I gave a mini PORTL workshop at All Fur Fun, a dog training facility in Addison, Texas. (What is PORTL?) We spent part of the workshop talking about reinforcement delivery.  Reinforcement delivery is a really important, but often overlooked, piece of training. Small changes in how, when, and where you deliver a […]

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how punishment can make things worse

I’ve been getting ready for our next animal training and behavior analysis science camp, which is happening this weekend. I’m looking forward to spending three days with Alexandra Kurland, Dr. Michaela Hempen, Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz, Anita Schnee, and what I know will be a wonderful group of attendees.  I’ll be giving a presentation about the […]

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summer weave poles

Finding new reinforcers

I’m working on a project right now about reinforcers. (More on this soon in an upcoming post!) So, as a result, I’ve been thinking a lot about reinforcement, reinforcers, and the different types of things trainers use during training to reward behavior. Many horse clicker trainers primarily use food during training to reinforce correct behavior. […]

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