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doc and mom

Mouse Gets Her First Bath

I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit–I attended clickerExpo two weekends ago, which was fabulous, and then ended up with a bad cold last week. (Not enough sleep during clickerExpo–too many late nights chatting with new friends! I promise at least a few clickerExpo related posts in the next week or two, I learned a […]

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Playful Horses and Upcoming Posts

I’ll be finishing up my posts from the ORCA Art and Science of Animal Training Conference this week. (About time!, you’re probably saying.) Figure I need to get them wrapped up, as I’ll be attending ClickerExpo in Lexington in about 2 weeks and, well, I should have plenty to write about that! The weather here […]

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Horses Having Fun

Here are some recent photos of two of our geldings at the rescue, Shiloh and Sebastian, playing with each other and generally having a great time. The weather was quite nice last week and the horses really seemed to enjoy it. Shiloh is the dun (the one on the right in the photo below) and […]

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Hoof Handling and Forgetful Training

I have been working on picking up Sebastian’s feet. Teaching a horse to let you pick up their feet is an important skill so that you can pick out their hooves and so that the farrier can trim their feet. When teaching this, I like to start with one front foot, then once that is […]

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Sebastian Meets Mom

Sebastian Meets Mom

Mom and Sebastian make friends over the fence. Sebastian is getting pretty comfortable with me touching him over most of his body with both my hands and a carrot stick. (Read about Sebastian here or watch a few video clips here.) Here’s three of our next tasks to work on: 1. Touching sensitive body parts […]

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