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Shimmer Practices Trailer Loading (video)

This is Shimmer’s second day practicing walking into the trailer. Trailer loading can be very frightening to a horse and many people have lots of trouble and training problems trying to get their horse to load into a trailer. With clicker training, trailer loading is a piece of cake! To read more about teaching Shimmer […]

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Shimmer Learns to Trailer Load

A trailer is a small, dark, metal box on wheels. For a prey animal like a horse, walking into the mouth of this monster sounds like a pretty scary idea! Shimmer, our little buckskin filly has found a foster home. So, it was high time for her to learn to walk into a trailer! She […]

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Horse Swap!

Horse Swap!

We swapped around a bunch of the horses at the rescue almost two weeks ago. We currently have about 30 horses on a friend’s 25 acres (plus use of the pasture next to it, which is 35 acres). These are many of the Iowa horses that we are currently available for adoption, plus some of […]

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