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ginger sleeping on the rug

Making alternative plans

When you are training an animal, you are working with another living creature. What happens during training is an interaction between this particular animal and your training plan. In some cases, the animal does something that you didn’t anticipate.  I’ve been thinking this week about what happens when things don’t go as planned. What happens […]

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ginger at the dog park

Shaping Ginger to Lower Her Head

Clicker training isolated muscle movements can be great for improving your shaping skills. One behavior that ginger and I have been working on using clicker training is teaching her to lower her head. With shaping, we don’t try and teach the whole behavior at once. Instead, we split the behavior into small approximations toward the […]

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Practicing Perfect Transitions

Leading is how we get our horse from point A to point B. And most horses lead well enough that you can usually get them from point A to point B. However, games that involve leading can be a great way to work on fine-tuning your communication with your horse. Creative leading exercises can help […]

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