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Autumn Blaze learns to lead (video)

I’ve been working with Autumn Blaze for about two weeks now. Dawn and I recently brought her to the rescue’s main property. She’s a big stocky mare, 1/4 thoroughbred and 3/4 Quarter horse/paint and will be four this spring. She’s had no training up to this point. Autumn has been fun to work with–she’s laid […]

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Is that camera edible?

Halter Training Success with Daisy and Gatsby

Daisy and Gatsby, the two new horses we recently brought over to the rescue’s main property, had their first session wearing halters yesterday. (You can read more about Daisy and Gatsby, and our adventures trailer loading two not halter trained horses in this post.) I worked with both of them together for about an hour […]

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Sebastian Meets Mom

Sebastian Meets Mom

Mom and Sebastian make friends over the fence. Sebastian is getting pretty comfortable with me touching him over most of his body with both my hands and a carrot stick. (Read about Sebastian here or watch a few video clips here.) Here’s three of our next tasks to work on: 1. Touching sensitive body parts […]

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Waterhole Ritual 1: Sharing Territory

Sharing Territory: When we sit in one spot, we become a curiosity. I’ve recently watched Carolyn Resnick’s DVD, “An Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals,” which discusses the 7 rituals she uses to develop a relationship and begin training a horse. The first two rituals focus on establishing a bond with the horse and are invaluable […]

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