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stalecheerios best ofI’ve been writing the StaleCheerios blog since 2009. In that time, the blog has accumulated over 500 blog posts! Whether you’re brand new to StaleCheerios or a long time reader, you’ll love this page, which features about 60 of the best articles from StaleCheerios. This list includes many of my favorite posts, but also posts that you, my readers, have found the most interesting and thought provoking.

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Clicker training
1) What is clicker training?
2) 10 tips to improve your clicker training
3) Examining the 1% (food delivery)
4) Loopy training: An introduction
5) Teaching animals the clicker way
6) What’s the purpose of the click?
7) Do I have to treat every time I click
8) Clicker training Q&A: Where to click
9) Don’t shoot the dog! (book review)
10) An introduction to reinforcement

Science and research
1) The columban simulations
2) An elephant never forgets
3) What is applied behavior analysis?
4) My conference notes and reviews
5) Trailer loading research
6) Ethical decision making: Right vs right

Horse training stories
1) Why train with protected contact?
2) How does a horse see color?
3) Does your horse have to?
4) If you give a horse a cookie
5) Lessons from Pat Parelli and Catwalk
6) Connor moves faster with small steps
7) Going backward with Cheyenne
8) Blossom’s recycling day ride
9) Mobility service animals: Meet Tonka
10) Train your horse to wear a fly mask

Dog training stories
1) Aggressive training methods
2) Using platforms during training
3) Those pesky squirrels!
4) A training adventure with a rabbit
5) Training for performance

Training concepts
1) Teaching new skills with targeting
2) Randomly and all the time
3) Target, lure, or shaping, which is best?
4) Are you teaching new behaviors?
5) Waiting to capture a behavior
6) Would you bet me 50 dollars?
7) Give me a break!
8) Training when you’re not training
9) Building duration while training
10) But he knew how to do it last time…
11) Your opinion doesn’t count
12) Using breaks to improve your training
13) The continuous nature of targeting
14) Working with groups of animals

Rat training stories
1) Getting started training rats
2) Constant stimuli – a rat training report
3) Rattie enrichment: Dinner puzzles
4) Amy’s elevator
5) Amy comes when called!
6) Georgie learns a new trick
7) Nosework training with Flower

Tricks and fun stuff
1) Clicker training gorillas to trade
2) What can a fish learn in 10 days?
3) Henry learns to shake
4) Flower’s new trick
5) Letting curiosity work for you
6) Leave it games: Treats on your toes
7) Amy and the bucket trick
8) Amy goes high-tech
9) Willy Wonka learns to target
10) Rescue horses at the waterhole