Do You Have a Clue about Cues?

How do we teach behaviors when training animals and how do we associate cues with these behaviors?

How does a dog or horse (or cat, goldfish, parrot, roommate, child, employee, etc.) learn a cue for a behavior? What’s the best way to create a solid association between a behavior and a cue, even when distractions might be present? What are the effects of using negative reinforcement to teach cues?

I’ll be exploring some of these topics with several posts during the rest of this month, starting with a post today on what a cue is and what sorts of environmental signals can be used for cues. Check back throughout May to see what’s new. Any specific thoughts or questions about cues? Leave them in the comments, and I’ll see if I can address them in a post.

Posts about cues:

What is a cue and what kinds of things can be used as cues?

What is stimulus control?

Which comes first, the behavior or the cue?

Check your verbal cues

Overcoming fear and the power of cues

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