Awesome Blossom on the Obstacle Course

Blossom is one of the fillies I have been starting under saddle this summer at the rescue. This video (from earlier this week) shows her playing on our obstacle course. She has interacted a few times with most of these obstacles while doing ground work. However, this was her first time doing this with a rider!

This was Blossom’s thirteenth ride. She has only had several rides outside of the round pen. However, she is a brave and confident little mare and was not bothered at all by all of the new distractions. Clicker training has taught Blossom that new things, rather than being scary, are just something new and fun to play with. She conquered the cavalettis and trail bridge with ease and even walked straight up to the curtain. This was very brave of her, as many of our horses are pretty skeptical of the curtain, especially at first.

I hope you enjoy the video! (And if anyone needs a cute little chestnut pony, Blossom is currently available for adoption in North Texas.)

Riding Blossom on the Horse Obstacle Course

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