Horse Swap!

We swapped around a bunch of the horses at the rescue almost two weeks ago. We currently have about 30 horses on a friend’s 25 acres (plus use of the pasture next to it, which is 35 acres). These are many of the Iowa horses that we are currently available for adoption, plus some of the other horses from the rescue.

However, a handful of the little ones weren’t doing quite as well as the others, so we brought them back to the rescue for some additional grain, love, medical care, training and TLC. We also took a handful of the horses that were at the rescue, including Rosie, Tootie and Sebastian over to the 35 acres. They are very happy over there. Horses in the wild move 25-30 miles a day. When we confine our horses, they move around much less. Being turned out in a large pasture is good for them both physically and mentally.

But, now back to the new little guys because I’m pretty excited about them. We brought five of the little ones back, Sinatra, Tex, Shimmer, Cricket and Blossom. Sinatra, a bay paint, had some prior training with leading and basic ground work, but the other 4 were untouchable.

Cricket and Blossom decided pretty quickly that they were comfortable with us touching them and brushing them. I have also started working with both of them on haltering. They are smart little horses and both catch on quickly. In the photo below, my mom is brushing cricket.

Shimmer and Tex are a bit more skeptical about people, although they are both getting more comfortable around us. They are just beginning to let us touch and brush them, and sometimes get unconfident and walk away. But they are both curious and interested in people, especially Tex. Shimmer is the buckskin in the photo below.

In the photo below, Blossom checks out my mom. We had just been working with her on having her stand quietly while we put medicine on her skin. She was nosing around seeing if there might be a bit of grain left for her!

I’ll probably be writing quite a bit about these kids, so I wanted to post a proper introduction and a few photos. They are all smart and curious and I can tell already that they are going to grow up to be great little horses!

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