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School starts tomorrow and this spring is going to be busy!

I’m taking some really neat classes this semester in my Behavior Analysis program at UNT. I am hoping to blog more about my classwork–last semester was filled with neat articles and interesting discussions and I’d like to discuss some of the more interesting ideas I’m learning on the blog.

Which is really a question for you, my wonderful readers. The blog usually focuses on the hands on and applied side of training, would you be interested in reading more articles and posts about the academic side of behavior and training?

I’ll be taking three classes this semester, as well as a 2-hour research practicum with my advisor, Jesús Rosales-Ruiz. I’m taking a course on the history of behavior analysis, a class on techniques of applied behavior analysis, and an elective class on stimulus control. It should be a good semester!

As well, I have a list of seven (so far!) conferences and clinics that are happening this spring that I would like to attend…..

Obviously, seven way too much, I’d exhaust myself and my pocketbook. However, I would like to take advantage of at least a few of them. Conferences and clinics are great fun–I love being able to meet other trainers, exchange ideas, find out different ways of doing things and expand my skill set.

I’m working with ORCA right now to plan our annual training conference in February, which is going to be awesome this year. If you are anywhere near the Dallas area, I highly recommend coming. I’ll post notes of my favorite parts again this year for anyone who can’t make it.

I’ll also be traveling to Chicago over spring break to attend this year’s ClickerExpo, as well as going to a clinic with Alexandra Kurland in Houston in February. There are several other horse and dog trainers who will have clinics nearby this spring. I’d like to try to go to at least one of them. For several of them I would just be auditing, so it would be pretty inexpensive. The bigger problem will be finding the time.

However, I think I should have lots of things to blog about this semester!

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