StaleCheerios Guest Posting Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for StaleCheerios!

StaleCheerios shares stories and knowledge related to clicker training and positive animal training methods. Mary Hunter, a graduate student studying behavior analysis and animal training, started the site in 2009. Articles are published several times a week on the site’s blog. Readers also connect to the site through a weekly animal training newsletter. From time to time, StaleCheerios publishes guest post articles about animal training written by people like you.

Who can guest post?

StaleCheerios welcome guest posts from anyone who uses clicker training or other positive training methods, from professional trainers to those who have just started training their first animal. Guest posts should pertain to animal training and/or animal behavior.

Guest posts featuring any kind of animal are welcome! Although the blog often features horses, rats and dogs, past articles have also included, cats, goldfish, birds, and a variety of other domestic and wild animals.

What type of article makes a great guest post?

    • Stories: What kind of projects have you been up to lately with your animal? Have you taught your animal something pretty cool? Has your animal recently taught you a valuable lesson?
    • How-Tos: Do you know a clever way to teach a certain behavior? Did you recently struggle teaching your animal a certain behavior and want to share what you learned?
    • Training tips and theory: Have a good tip or bit of information that you’d like to share with the world? Want to share a neat concept that you learned recently at a lecture or clinic?
  • Book and DVD reviews: What do you think of that last animal training book you read or DVD that you watched? Would you recommend it to others?

Please take some time to check out the StaleCheerios Blog to understand more about the types of articles and content that are published regularly on StaleCheerios.

Types of articles that won’t be accepted: StaleCheerios does not feature articles relating to animal health, veterinary care, or general pet care. StaleCheerios also does not feature reviews of pet products, except those that relate to training.

Benefits for you

By publishing a guest post, you’ll be able to connect with the StaleCheerios community, a growing community of animal lovers and animal trainers who are interested in positive training methods. You’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and perspective with a wide audience. Your post will also be included in StaleCheerios’ weekly animal training newsletter, which has more than 250 subscribers. A short bio at the end of your guest post will tell readers about you. If you have your own blog or business, I am happy to include a link back to your website.

Submission Guidelines

Interested in guest posting? You are welcome to submit an idea and we can discuss it. Or, you are welcome to submit an already written article for review. Content should be original – please do not submit articles that have already been published elsewhere on the web or in print.

Post length

Guest posts of all different lengths are acceptable. Your post can be long or short, it’s up to you. StaleCheerios cares more about good quality posts than length. So, please write with your own voice and find a length that suits the message you are wanting to convey.

Writing Style and Editing

When writing a guest post, please “write for the web.” You can make your article more readable by using subheadings to separate main ideas and by avoiding super long paragraphs. Here is a good example of a longer post that really benefitted from some subheadings to break up the content and make the post more “readable.”

StaleCheerios reserves the right to make edits to your submission, including editing spelling, grammar, and content. You will be sent a final copy for review before the article is published on the site.

Please don’t be “offended” by editing suggestions. Everything that gets posted on StaleCheerios gets edited. We know what generally works best with our audience and want your guest post to be as successful as possible.


If you have photos that will help brighten up your guest post, great! Photos help stories come alive. I am happy to credit you if I use your photos. Please make sure you own the copyright to any images you submit with your guest post. I can also work with you to find photos that would be appropriate for your post.

Submitting a guest post (or an idea for a guest post)

You can submit guest post ideas or articles me via this site’s contact form.

Note: Not all submissions will be appropriate for the StaleCheerios Blog. If I feel your article would not be a good fit for the StaleCheerios Blog I will contact you to discuss this with you. In some cases, articles can be published with revisions.