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cricket right side

Cricket’s Ground Driving Progress

Cricket and I spent quite a bit of time working on ground driving last week. We had a session nearly every day and he made some great progress! Cricket is three. And, while I’ve sat on him a few times, he really doesn’t know a whole lot about being ridden. With our young horses, I […]

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blossom, a young paint horse, walks over the cavaletti

Are you listening to your horse?

I rode Cricket, one of our little paint ponies, yesterday morning. It was a short, fun bareback ride. It’s really too hot to do any really intensive riding. When I went to get on him, he lined up perfectly for the mounting block. However, as I sat down on him, he took off walking. Oops!!! […]

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Riding the pony Tex

A new year and three new horses

A (slightly belated) happy new year! I must admit, I got quite busy with finals and then the holidays during December and, as a result, neglected my duties to this blog. But it’s a new year and I plan to get back to a fairly regular posting schedule. We’ve been busy at the rescue with […]

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Horse Swap!

Horse Swap!

We swapped around a bunch of the horses at the rescue almost two weeks ago. We currently have about 30 horses on a friend’s 25 acres (plus use of the pasture next to it, which is 35 acres). These are many of the Iowa horses that we are currently available for adoption, plus some of […]

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