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Teaching language to dogs

Have you heard of Chaser, the dog who knows 1,000 words? There’s a neat article that was published on the Scientific American blog earlier this week about Chaser and her owner and trainer, Dr. John Pilley. You can find the full article on their site here. Most media reports about Chaser have focused on Chaser’s […]

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national get a pal for your pet day

Life with rats (is always fun!)

My four pet rats, Georgie, Amy, Izzy, and Chloe, make sure that things are always pretty interesting around here! My rats have an insatiable need to explore, so they are always getting into something. They keep me quite entertained with their acrobatics and antics. Amy especially is my little rat adventurer and she makes sure […]

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Alex and Me: Our Knowledge of Animal Intelligence

I recently finished reading Irene Pepperburg’s most recent book, Alex and Me. When Irene Pepperburg first started working with Alex, many people scoffed and laughed at her. Parrots were thought of as “bird brains.” While it might be possible to teach them to repeat back answers to simple questions, the bird wasn’t actually “thinking” or […]

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Commuter Dogs

Many trainers who use operant conditioning and clicker training are fond of saying that we can train an animal to do any behavior the animal is physically capable of performing. Once we figure out what motivates an animal, there’s an almost unlimited variety of behaviors that can be trained and the limiting factor is usually […]

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