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Let’s talk about slow learners

Darley is an older Arabian. He was skin and bones when my friend first rescued him. But, he’s a happy horse now! I’ve been doing some clicker training with Darley, and he enjoys our training sessions.  However, at first, Darley wasn’t really catching on. Sometimes, he would do several behaviors in a row. Then, he […]

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amy ipad

Amy goes high-tech (video)

I’ve started teaching Amy to use my iPad! Actually, this is really a project I started on about two years ago. In 2011, I worked some on teaching Ginger, my parent’s dog, to use my iPad. Although she did learn to touch a square button on the iPad, we never really progressed past that point. […]

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clicker training a giraffe to touch a target

Wordless Wednesday: Giraffe Training

Okay, as usual, this is going to an an almost Wordless Wednesday post! I’ve been chatting some with Linda, who works at Zooworld in Panama City Beach, Florida. In the picture above she is working on target training (using clicker training) with one of the zoo’s young giraffes. I’ve written before about why training is […]

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photo by: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/24495423@N04/5075110405/">chris_hertel</a>

Clicker training a zonkey? (video)

First, you may be asking…. What’s a zonkey?! A zonkey is a hybrid equine — half zebra and half donkey. A zonkey looks a lot like a donkey, but with stripes. Hannah Dawnson, a clicker trainer from England, recently posted a video on her Facebook page of the latest additions to her barn, two zonkeys. […]

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