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Petting Beau

More Progress With Beau

Our big black and white gelding, Beau, is continuing to make amazing progress. He will often come up to the fence seeking out attention and has come trotting up to me several times when I have been in his pasture. I wrote a little bit about Beau earlier in this post. He was probably badly […]

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Connor Moves Faster with Smaller Steps

It seems a bit counter-intuitive. If we break a training task down into more steps, it should take longer. However, the opposite is usually true. Smaller steps can get us to our goal quicker and often result in better quality behavior. This came in handy several weeks ago when we picked up Connor from the […]

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palomino horse getting scratches

All the Sheriff’s Horses

Or rather, two horses and three donkeys. Kirsten, Dawn and I took a short field trip down the road today to visit the equines currently at the sheriff’s station. The sheriff’s station is an uncertain place to be if you’re a horse. Most horses that end up at the sheriff’s are strays that won’t be […]

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a formerly untouchable horse gets petted

Gracie makes more progress

Kirsten captured some great pictures over the weekend of Gracie and I interacting. I’m petting her in most of these, but the way my body is turned, you can’t really tell. I just love how calm, relaxed, engaged and curious she looks in all of them. She is definitely a different horse from last November! […]

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hot air balloon

Slow and Steady Progress

What a great day on Saturday with the horses! My friend Kirsten was out at the rescue for the weekend and we worked most of the afternoon with a few of the horses. I am continually being reminded that animal training shouldn’t be a race. Slow and steady progress beats fast and rushed! The horses […]

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