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Barkin’ at the Shedd

I recently watched an awesome hour-long lecture by animal trainer Ken Ramirez that is available to view for free on YouTube. If you’re not familiar with Ken Ramirez, he’s the head trainer at the Shedd aquarium in Chicago. He’s been a professional trainer for several decades and has trained hundreds of animals and dozens of […]

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chicken training go out

To change the behavior of the trainer,
try training a chicken!

This summer, my friend Laurie Higgins attended two weeks of operant conditioning workshops with Bob Bailey and Parvene Farhoody. The workshops teach participants about operant conditioning and the science of animal training using chickens. Bob Bailey, along with Marian Bailey, began giving operant conditioning workshops to the general public in the mid-1990s. The workshops were […]

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Teaching your dog to “drop” objects

This is an interesting video that I found on YouTube recently. In the video, the trainer explains how to teach a dog to drop a ball or any other sort of object (including a hot dog!). Note: I have never tried this technique, but I found this video interesting to watch and analyze because the […]

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Two cute pet rats!

Amy eats a carrot!

I think my rat Amy is 100% cute! In the video below she’s having lots of fun just being a rat. My rats have amazing balance and are SO agile, they always amaze me as they jump and climb around (and out of!) their cage. In the photo to the right, Amy and her buddy […]

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