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Mary-Hunter-and-Ginger-edited2I’m an animal lover who writes about positive training methods and animal behavior. I blog about clicker training and positive training methods and how these methods can be used with dogs, horses, rats, cats, exotic animals, and more. Click here to find out more about why this site is called Stale Cheerios.

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I completed a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis at the University of North Texas in 2013. While at UNT, I spent three years studying animal behavior and animal training under the direction of Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz. I currently own an animal training and consulting business in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, DogTrainingology and provide training classes, private lessons, and consulting services for people and their pets.

I am interested in the science of animal training–why and how training works and how we can use science and research to find smarter and more humane ways for working with animals. On this site I share information about the science of animal training and animal behavior, as well as stories from working with my own animals.

boomer scaryBefore starting my master’s, I earned a biology degree from the University of Chicago. I then decided to pursue a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis so that I could study in-depth the science of animal learning and animal training.

I have trained a wide range of species, including dogs, horses, cats, rats, raccoons, Patagonian cavies, macaws, and more. I also spent four years helping run the training program and volunteer program at a local horse rescue. In addition to training pets and their owners, I am involved in research about training animals and teaching people. I am a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis International and have presented research at the organization’s annual convention.

If you have any questions about my website and blog, clicker training, or animal training in general, please leave a comment or e-mail me. I will do my best to help you find an answer!

~Mary Hunter

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