screenshot of animal enrichment board on pinterest

What topics do you find Pinteresting?

This fall, at the urging of several friends, I’ve given in and joined the social networking site Pinterest. I resisted a bit, as I love the ideas and discussions on social networking sites, but they can also be a big time waster if you are not careful! However, I’m finding Pinterest both useful and a […]

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Flower the black and white hooded rat

Nose work training with Flower the rat

At the very end of 2013, I audited an online nose work class offered through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, which was taught by Margaret Simek. It was a lot of fun and left me even more fascinated with the sport of canine nose work. I worked through most of the exercises in the course with […]

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Dexter the schnoodle practices coming when called

Dog treat review: Primal turkey liver treats

Last month, the dogs and I had the chance to review some really yummy freeze-dried turkey liver treats from They were the Turkey Liver Munchies from Primal, which are available on Chewy’s website here. Now, when I hear the phrase “freeze-dried turkey liver,” that doesn’t exactly sound like something I’d like to have for […]

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