A dog doing a nose work search

Canine nose work: Train your dog to use his nose

One of my current interests is the sport of canine nose work. I’ve been playing around some with nose work this year with my foster dogs and with the rats. Flower, one of my young rats, has recently started learning nose work and I plan to document our progress on my blog. But first, I […]

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trixie cat activity board – screenshot

Enrichment toys for cats

In recently years, there’s been a huge increase in interactive toys and food puzzle toys for dogs. While there are some of these types of toys for cats, I think there is a lot larger selection of fun interactive dog toys. This is unfortunate, as many cats are quite active and playful and would enjoy […]

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Flower the black and white hooded rat

Flower learns about luring

I’ve been reading through Kay Laurence’s Clicker Foundation Training: Level 1 book. The book deals with many important foundation skills, such as food delivery, targeting, shaping, and adding cues. This is a book that I’ve read through several times, but there are lots of gems packed into it and I find new ones each time […]

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Flower the rat

Flower learns to touch a target

This week, Flower is learning to touch a target! Flower is one of my young rats. Even though I’ve had her about a year, I have not done a whole lot of training with her. (Although, she has learned some really cute tricks.) We have lots of training plans for this fall, though! Targeting is […]

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flickr trees

Those pesky squirrels!!

Do you have a dog that loves squirrels? My parent’s dog, Ginger, could sit in the backyard for hours watching the squirrels. Many dogs find squirrels quite interesting, which can be a big distraction during training. Recently, one of my advanced classes took a field trip to a local park. Although it was pretty warm, […]

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German shepherd puppy

Randomly and all the time

These two phrases — “randomly” and “all the time” — are ones that I hear quite often when I am working with my training clients. Often, dog owners call in a trainer because their pet is exhibiting behaviors that are annoying, frustrating, or even downright dangerous. My job as a trainer is to identify the […]

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Cute koalas and other zoo news

I had a very fun Wednesday this week! I got to present the research study that I did for my Master’s thesis at the Dallas Zoo, as part of a lunch lecture series that the zoo organizes for employees. It was fun getting to share my research and we got into some good discussions about […]

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lil bit running 2

What is your horse’s favorite itchy spot?

Note: I found this post when I was going back through some drafts that I had typed up, but never published. This story is actually from three summers ago. However, I love these pictures of Lil’ Bit and Josie, so I thought this post was still worth publishing! Hope you enjoy it and hope your […]

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