Cute koalas and other zoo news

I had a very fun Wednesday this week! I got to present the research study that I did for my Master’s thesis at the Dallas Zoo, as part of a lunch lecture series that the zoo organizes for employees. It was fun getting to share my research and we got into some good discussions about […]

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lil bit running 2

What is your horse’s favorite itchy spot?

Note: I found this post when I was going back through some drafts that I had typed up, but never published. This story is actually from three summers ago. However, I love these pictures of Lil’ Bit and Josie, so I thought this post was still worth publishing! Hope you enjoy it and hope your […]

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The Blue Books

Are you teaching “new” behaviors?

A (brief) introduction to Israel Goldiamond’s Blue Books Recently, I have been reading through The Blue Books. I plan to share some of my thoughts and musings as I work my way through them over the next few weeks. (Well, probably more like the next few months, they are over a thousand pages!). I have […]

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enrichment – bottle toy

Enrichment ideas: The bottle game

Note: This is my first attempt at embedding a video from Facebook onto my blog. If for some reason you can’t see the video, you can access it directly here. I’m always on the look out for new enrichment ideas. That is, interesting games and puzzles that will keep my animals mentally stimulated while providing […]

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PORTL objects – cropped

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: July 3

Star, my adorable Australian shepherd mix foster dog, got adopted this past weekend! She now has an awesome new family that is going to take great care of her. The family has two kids and another dog, so I know she is going to get plenty of attention. It probably will be at least a […]

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Mady and the bunny – small

A training adventure with a bunny rabbit

When I’m training the dogs, I very often use food as a reward for good behavior. Most dogs are quite happy and eager to work for food. As well, dog treats or kibble are easy to deliver and can be consumed quickly by the dog. However, sometimes food is not quite so interesting and there […]

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star 2

Wordless Wednesday: Star is a happy girl!

This is my current foster dog, Star. She’s a happy pup, but I know she will be even happier once she finds a forever home to call her own! Here’s more info about her, for any of you folks in the north Texas area. June has been a whirlwind of activity so far. It’s taken […]

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STL portl items and questions

Shaping games, conferences and a new dog

I spent five days over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago for the 40th annual convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). As always, I had a wonderful time at the ABAI convention. I got to see lots of great presentations, catch up with lots of old friends, make some new friends, give a […]

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