Last chance: Book giveaway and clicker conference

Denton ice storm

North Texas got hit by quite an ice storm last night and early this morning! Check out this photo of downtown Denton that one of my friends posted on Facebook this morning. This was taken about half a mile from where I live. We didn’t really get any snow — most of the white stuff you see in the photo is the mixture of sleet and ice that we got dumped on us last night.

Many of the area schools, businesses and universities are closed today. I’m staying home, although I’m planning to do some work from home this afternoon.

During winter weather I often like to curl up with a good book. I’m currently reading Dr. John Pilley’s new book Chaser: Unlocking the genius of the dog who knows a thousand words. I’m loving this book so far and will post more about it when I’m finished. If you’re not familiar with Chaser and the amazing training that she and Dr. Pilley have accomplished, check out this blog post that I wrote over the summer.

Last chance: Win a copy of the Possibility Dogs

Just a quick reminder — I am giving away a copy of The Possibility Dogs on my blog this week. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to check out the book review I posted about The Possibility Dogs and then leave a comment on that post before midnight tonight (Friday, December 6). I’ll pick one lucky winner tomorrow morning and announce it on my blog this weekend.

And if you don’t win, stay tuned…. I might have another book giveaway (or two) up my sleeve later this month!

Last chance: Online Equine Clicker Conference

I’ve been having fun this fall participating in the Online Equine Clicker Conference and have posted some of my notes from the conference on my blog, such as the post I wrote last month about Creative training. All of the lectures will be available online through the end of the year and I’m still having fun watching through all of them.

The conference organizers have recently announced a special December offer. You can now join the online conference for half price! This includes access to the conference forum and more than 30 presentations from a variety of great speakers, including Alexandra Kurland, Kay Laurence, and more. There’s even a 30 minute presentation about reinforcers that I did for the conference. You can find out more on the conference website.

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