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Beau wearing a halter

Halter training success! (with video)

Some of you are familiar with Beau’s story. Beau is our big black and white paint gelding who was very badly mistreated and abused before coming to the rescue. When I first met Beau several years ago, he would turn and run if a person approached within 20-30 feet of him. When we could finally […]

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beau 2

Hanging out with Beau and Gracie

Here are some photos from last weekend of Beau and Gracie, two of our sanctuary residents at the horse rescue. I’ve written about both Beau and Gracie before, both of them were horribly abused and were completely untouchable for the first several years that they were at the rescue. They were terrified of people and […]

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Pat Parelli and Catwalk: Part 2

My recent post on Pat Parelli’s demonstration at the Festival of the Horse with the stallion Catwalk has generated quite a few views as well as plenty of great comments. I wanted to share some of the comments as many of them were very thought provoking. If you missed my original post on Pat Parelli […]

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Gracie Gets Her Halter Off

Gracie is an older grey mare who lives at the rescue. No one knows her exact age, but she’s probably around 18. Gracie was rescued in 2007 from a feed lot in Nevada where she was on her way to the slaughter house. When Gracie was rescued, she was absolutely terrified of people. She was […]

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Pat Parelli and the stallion Catwalk

Lessons from Pat Parelli and Catwalk

The latest gossip on the internet is all about Pat Parelli’s recent demonstration with a stallion named Catwalk. If you haven’t heard, I’ll catch you up briefly. Catwalk is a show jumping horse who is extremely difficult to bridle. Over the course of the weekend Pat Parelli worked with Catwalk until he could be bridled. […]

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