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Autumn Blaze, Dottie and Daisy

The Worming Adventure Continues

I wrote recently about our success worming 40 of the 41 rescue horses in a single day. The final mare, Daisy, refused the flavored wormer that we had mixed in with some tasty senior feed. Smart girl! She knew that something was amiss. So, Dawn and I returned to the other property last Friday with […]

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Tex Loves Scratches

Worming Horses: A successful adventure!

Dawn and I wormed the horses at the rescue yesterday. Now, for instance, when I was working at the camp last summer worming was something I could do in about 15 minutes after breakfast. But those were six easy going stalled horses. When it’s 41 horses, on two different properties, a handful of whom aren’t […]

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A Ginger Adventure

Ginger got away at dog training class tonight. Luckily, the property is fenced, so she didn’t really get away. She just got to tear wildly around the property for awhile until I cornered her and stepped on the leash.  When other dogs have gotten loose in the past, they want to investigate the other people […]

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