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Tootie and the Terrible Twos? (video)

We recently brought Tootie back to the ranch. He’s growing up fast, I think he’s double the size he was at the end of last summer! He’s also getting a lot darker. He should be a lovely dapple gray when he sheds out this spring. Tootie has been handled since birth and he loves people–sometimes […]

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Horses Having Fun

Here are some recent photos of two of our geldings at the rescue, Shiloh and Sebastian, playing with each other and generally having a great time. The weather was quite nice last week and the horses really seemed to enjoy it. Shiloh is the dun (the one on the right in the photo below) and […]

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Tootie Targets

Tootie Targets

Eighteen month old Tootie is super smart, but also a super mugger when it comes to treats. I stopped working with him last Spring because I didn’t really have the skills to keep up with him (or his teeth!). We recently had our first clicker session in months. I kept him behind a barrier so […]

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