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Gracie Gets Her Halter Off

Gracie is an older grey mare who lives at the rescue. No one knows her exact age, but she’s probably around 18. Gracie was rescued in 2007 from a feed lot in Nevada where she was on her way to the slaughter house. When Gracie was rescued, she was absolutely terrified of people. She was […]

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Introducing Sebastian

I’ve been playing a lot lately with Sebastian, who is a cute and curious three year old red roan quarter horse. Sebastian has changed tremendously from a shy, unconfident  youngster to a eager beaver who is interested in people and engaged during training. When I met Sebastian last spring he was a pretty shy guy who didn’t […]

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Three men sit on folding chairs in a medium sized pen. They play poker on the table in front of them--a table made from an over turned water trough. A mustang who is loose in the pen stands next to one of the men, nuzzling the table.

Mustang Poker

I’ve been watching Carolyn Resnick’s Waterhole Rituals DVD. I don’t agree with a lot of her horse psychology and dominance theory approach. However, she does make some good points. In the beginning of the DVD she talks briefly about the power of curiosity as a motivator. Instead of chasing our horses around and around a […]

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