Running Horses and a Busy Days Ahead

I had a few people ask, so here are the rest of the photos from last weekend. These are from right after Connor and Gatsby left for their new home, which I wrote about here.

Since Connor was gone, we deemed it safe to open the gates between the back two pastures. Of course, the additional space, plus mixing the two herds together got everybody excited! They all had a nice time running around kicking up their heels.

This weekend is going to be a BUSY weekend, but it should be a lot of fun. ORCA (our graduate research group for animal training) is putting on our annual training conference. So, I’ll be busy with conference stuff from sunup to sundown all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But, it should be a great time. I always learn a lot and come away with a lot of great ideas. My notes from last year are here, I promise to post notes from this year as well. Our speakers this year are Kay Laurence, Alexandra Kurland, Steve White, Ken Ramirez, Phung Luu, Bob Bailey and Paul Andronis. You can read more about the talks and the conference on ORCA’s website.

I’m also going the following weekend to audit an horse training clinic with Alexandra Kurland in the Houston area. I decided to register toward the last minute and got lucky–I got the last auditor spot. It should be a lot of fun as well. I learned a lot at the clinic I went to with her about a year and a half ago.

But, onto the pictures. The horses all first went running toward the back of the left pasture.

Then they came running back to the front. In this picture, blossom is in front, Daisy and Apollo are together, and Rohan’s in the back.

Blossom, Daisy and Apollo

Sometimes they were all running together, sometimes there was a bit of chase going on. At this point, I think Paden (the black and white paint) was trying to get Takoda (the bay paint) away from the mares.

Chardonnay, Takoda, Paden and Trixie come cantering toward the camera

Chardonnay, our big chestnut paint mare.

Chardonnay, our big paint mare

Takoda, with almost all four feet off the ground. Paden is in the background. This one is my favorite, I think!

Takoda has almost all four feet off the ground!

Everyone going through the gate, back into the other pasture.

The herd canters past the camera

Daisy, with all four feet off the ground. Apollo is the chestnut paint behind her.

Daisy and Apollo go galloping past.
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