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This fall, at the urging of several friends, I’ve given in and joined the social networking site Pinterest. I resisted a bit, as I love the ideas and discussions on social networking sites, but they can also be a big time waster if you are not careful! However, I’m finding Pinterest both useful and a lot of fun so far. It’s proving to be a great way to find and save interesting articles and stories about animal training, clicker training, general pet care, animal nutrition, and enrichment. One of my favorite things that I am finding is lots of really fun dog treat recipes! I’m also finding and saving lots of neat ideas for food puzzle toys and enrichment ideas for both the dogs and the rats.

screenshot of animal enrichment board on pinterestIf you’re not familiar with Pinterest, here is Pinterest in a nutshell: Pinterest lets you collect articles, stories, videos and more from the web by “pinning” a picture from a webpage. Your “pins” get saved to your account and you can organize your pins into groups called boards. A lot of people use Pinterest to save recipes, cute photos, decorating ideas, craft projects, and more, but it can be used to save just about anything. You can follow other people’s boards and if they post something interesting, you can “repin” it to one of your boards.

If you are on Pinterest, you can follow my boards by visiting my Pinterest profile.

Are you on Pinterest? Follow my boards or leave your Pinterest url in the comments. I would enjoy connecting with you on Pinterest! I’m pretty excited about Pinterest as I see it as a great way to save information for myself, but also to share information about clicker training and positive animal training with the world.

Some of my (current) favorite boards that you might want to follow

Here are several boards that I’m currently having a lot of fun with. There’s this board, which I started recently to collect articles, videos, and photos about clicker training and positive training for dogs, horses, rats, and other critters. I also have this board, which has lots of cool ideas for environmental enrichment for both domesticated and wild animals. And, I also made this board to pin some of my favorite posts from Stale Cheerios!

View on Pinterest: Environmental enrichment ideas for animal

Follow Mary Hunter (StaleCheerios.com)’s board Environmental Enrichment Ideas for Animals on Pinterest.

View on Pinterest: Clicker training articles, videos, tips, and more

Follow Mary Hunter (StaleCheerios.com)’s board Clicker Training: Articles, Tips, Videos, and More on Pinterest.

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