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Beau wearing a halter

Halter training success! (with video)

Some of you are familiar with Beau’s story. Beau is our big black and white paint gelding who was very badly mistreated and abused before coming to the rescue. When I first met Beau several years ago, he would turn and run if a person approached within 20-30 feet of him. When we could finally […]

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beau 2

Hanging out with Beau and Gracie

Here are some photos from last weekend of Beau and Gracie, two of our sanctuary residents at the horse rescue. I’ve written about both Beau and Gracie before, both of them were horribly abused and were completely untouchable for the first several years that they were at the rescue. They were terrified of people and […]

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Hailey and Beau

Beau Meets Hailey

This is a GREAT picture that one of my friends took about a week ago. Hailey, who came to visit the rescue, was smitten with Beau and he was totally fascinated with her! I’ve written previously about Beau, our big black and white gelding, such as in this recent post. He was badly abused and […]

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Treating Resource Guarding with CAT (video)

Resource guarding can be a serious problem for some dogs. (Resource guarding is when a dog displays aggressive behavior when another dog or a person tries to take something away from the dog, such as a toy or bone.) This spring, several of my friends at UNT used Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT) to successfully treat […]

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Petting Beau

More Progress With Beau

Our big black and white gelding, Beau, is continuing to make amazing progress. He will often come up to the fence seeking out attention and has come trotting up to me several times when I have been in his pasture. I wrote a little bit about Beau earlier in this post. He was probably badly […]

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3 friends

A Sunny Weekend

April is here, and with it, plenty of sunshine and bluebonnets in Texas! I’ll have to get some pictures for the blog, the bluebonnets are in full bloom here, as well as some of the other early wildflowers. I had a fun time yesterday playing in the sun with the horses. March was a whirlwind […]

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