Beau Meets Hailey

This is a GREAT picture that one of my friends took about a week ago. Hailey, who came to visit the rescue, was smitten with Beau and he was totally fascinated with her!

I’ve written previously about Beau, our big black and white gelding, such as in this recent post. He was badly abused and was untouchable and VERY skeptical of people for a long time.

We worked with him a lot this spring using CAT (constructional aggression treatment), which a procedure that works well with both aggressive dogs and fearful horses.

Now, we are so proud of Beau because he seeks out attention, even from strangers. He is pretty curious and interested in meeting new people. You can see he’s pretty calm about the whole affair, his head is low, his eyes and nostrils are relaxed and his ears are more floppy than tense. He was more than happy to let Hailey scratch him a bit on his neck.

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