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Barrel racing for dogs

Here’s a fun video from dog trainer Donna Hill. In the video, you’ll see some of the steps she used to teach her dog to run a barrel racing pattern. The video shows the individual component behaviors that Donna taught first and then illustrates how she used back chaining to create the final behavior. Watch […]

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Going Backward with Cheyenne

Cheyenne is a young paint mare at our rescue who I have recently started riding. She had about three rides last fall and a handful more during my winter break. Just recently we’ve had two short, but great, rides working on backing up with a rider. Up to now, Cheyenne and I have worked on […]

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Meghan’s First Ride on Tex

We had a great day playing with the horses on Saturday. Meghan got to ride Tex for a little while and they both did great! She is hopefully going to adopt him at the end of the school year. Tex has had about a dozen rides at this point, most of them bareback. However, I’ve […]

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