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Georgie Learns to Jump

Here’s a video of Georgie’s latest trick—jumping over a small jump! Our elegant jump is constructed out of several toilet tissue rolls. Watch on YouTube: Georgie Learns to Jump Georgie learned this trick incredibly fast. She had about 15 clicks (treats) before I took this video. I have several ideas about how to expand on […]

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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

Dallas got quite a bit of snow yesterday! (Well, our house got over an inch, which is a lot for Dallas.) The snow stuck around until today and Ginger has really enjoyed playing it in. Check out the photos below! click here for a larger version Below are each of the individual images that make […]

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Shiloh Jumps the Blue Barrels

Well, jump isn’t perhaps the right word, as it implies a major exertion of energy. However, he was pretty interested in them, especially once he learned I’d reward him for interacting with the barrels with a click and a treat. First, Shiloh nudged the barrel with his nose a few times. This evolved to licking […]

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