Dog Treat Review: Wellness WellBites Lamb & Salmon Treats

Earlier this fall, Ginger and I were given the opportunity to review some yummy dog treats from For the past month or so, Ginger has been snacking on the Lamb and Salmon Wellness WellBites treats. I’ve used them some for training sessions and my mom has also been giving them to Ginger as treats.

(Full disclosure: Ginger received a free bag of these treats from to sample. However, Ginger and I were under no obligation to write a positive review of these treats.)

My mom has also been giving one of these treats to Ginger every day before their daily walk. Ginger always gets a treat for sitting politely to have her harness and leash put on before her walk. Ginger absolutely loves her walks and can get so super excited before a walk. But, using clicker training and treats, we have taught Ginger that if she sits politely and calmly to have her harness and leash put on, that she gets a treat and then also gets to go on her walk. Ginger is now a champ at this routine.

Anyhow, Ginger absolutely loved these Lamb and Salmon WellBites treats. Because the cabinet at my parent’s house with the “dog stuff” in it has been getting a little crowded, we have been storing these treats in a different cabinet. Ginger knows exactly where they are and comes over and sits whenever I go and get anything from this cabinet. She’s hoping that she will get one of these yummy treats!

This was my first encounter with Wellness WellBites treats and I thought they worked great as both everyday treats and as training treats. I’m pretty picky about the types of treats I’ll use for training. I need something soft and easy for the dog to eat quickly. However, the treat can’t be too soft or squishy, because then they get stuck to my hands or crumble into a million pieces.

The Wellness WellBites treats were very easy to tear or cut and I was able to easily break them into 10-16 treats to use for training sessions. Ginger was more than happy to work for a tiny piece of one of these treats! Also, after cutting them up, they maintained their shape and didn’t crumble or break up. Overall, they had quite a nice texture.

Wellness WellBite treats are made using natural ingredients. The ones that Ginger got to sample contained lamb, salmon, apples, carrots, blueberries and a few other ingredients. Also, for those of you who pay close attention to the labels of your dog food and dog treats, the dog food and treats sold by Wellness do not contain meat by-products, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. So, not only are these treats yummy, they are pretty healthy too.

With Christmas approaching, I think Ginger is going to put some of these treats on her wish list for Santa! If you have a dog who’s been good this year and deserves something special in his or her stocking, I suggest checking out all of the different treats and toys available at

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