StaleCheerios featured on Talent Hounds!

photo by: mister b 1138

Recently, Talent Hounds featured their 5 top blogs about dog training. And, they included StaleCheerios in their top 5 list! You can check out the whole list here, it looks like there are some other great blogs that are also on the list.

Talent Hounds is a one-hour documentary that explores the history of the interactions between humans and dogs. Specifically, the documentary will showcase the many talents of dogs and the many ways that dogs help humans.

From their website:

Talent Hounds showcases a select group of Talented Hounds and the people that love them: hunters, trackers, herders, sled dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, performers, entertainers and athletes. We explore the breeds, talents and training, and share a mix of fun, facts and heart. We see how dogs can enrich lives and how we can bring out the best in our dogs, with a particular focus on dogs who have found their special talents in spite of having come from rescues and shelters.

The documentary is currently in production and should air sometime next spring. Check out their website for more information!

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