Teaching Targeting to a Blind Dog

My friend Miki over at Blind Dog Training recently posted a video tutorial that I really like. In the video, she explains how to teach a blind dog to target your hand.

Here’s two reasons why I really like this video:

1. Clever use of cues. Miki first snaps with the target hand so that the dog knows the exact position of her hand.

2. Targeting is taught through shaping. Trainers are often sloppy when they teach targeting and wait for the animal to find the target before clicking. With a blind animal, the trainer must shape the response. In the video, she begins by reinforcing head turns toward her hand.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think! The video has left me thinking about the many different ways we can use cues to ask for behaviors and direct our animals.

As well, check out the Blind Dog Training Blog. I’m impressed by the amount of work Miki puts into each post. Each article is posted twice–first in Japanese and then a second time, translated into English.

Watch on Youtube: How To Teach Blind Dog Hand Targeting – Blind Dog Training Tips

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