What is your horse’s favorite itchy spot?

Note: I found this post when I was going back through some drafts that I had typed up, but never published. This story is actually from three summers ago. However, I love these pictures of Lil’ Bit and Josie, so I thought this post was still worth publishing! Hope you enjoy it and hope your animals are staying happy this summer, despite the heat.

We went to visit Lil Bit last week. He’s an adorable little palomino pony who was adopted from the rescue several years ago. His photo is even part of the rescue’s logo.

I had never met Lil Bit before, but we quickly became friends! With this extreme heat, all the horses are sweating and they are all pretty itchy. I found some pretty good spots on Lil Bit’s neck and belly and one really good one on the side of his withers. His girlfriend Josie also enjoyed getting a good scratch. She even tried to return the favor by grooming me a bit with her lips.

So, here’s what I want to know. What’s your horse’s favorite itchy spot? Where does he just love to be rubbed or scratched? Do you have any good spots that just really make his lip wiggle and make him sigh in happiness?

For some of our horses at the rescue, it’s been really easy to find their favorite spots. Some of them just love to be brushed and scratched. Buckwheat, our big buckskin who recently got adopted, loved being rubbed on the top of his forehead and in between his ears. And Dillon, one of our old timers, enjoys being scratched just about anywhere.

Others of our horses are much sensitive and perhaps even a bit standoffish about being petted. They will let you groom them, but it’s hard to find a good spot where they really like to be scratched. Sometimes it can take a long time until I discover where their favorite spots are. It’s also really interesting to see how a horse’s favorite itchy spots can change at different times of the year. However, I love it when I find a horse’s favorite itchy spot because then I have yet another something that I can use as a reward.

Enjoy the pictures of Lil Bit below. And for even more about scratching, check out this great blog post that Jen published last week about scratching her new foal, Rune.

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