Wordless Wednesday: Beau gets his mane brushed

On (almost) Wordless Wednesdays,
I feature rescued animal in north Texas.

Beau, our big black and white paint horse has been appearing quite frequently on my blog this summer, as he has been making great progress with his training!

Beau has a gorgeous, long mane. However, he tends to get huge knots and tangles in his mane. Sometimes, the knots get so tangled together that they turn into dreadlocks.

In the past, we’ve mostly left Beau’s mane alone. Having your mane brushed can hurt, especially if there are big knots or tangles.

Beau has gotten so much more relaxed this summer about having people touch his neck and mane. Recently, we’ve been working on brushing Beau’s mane. Twice ealier this month we’ve brushed his mane in a “two-person team.” One person to talk to him, scratch his nose (which he loves!) and feed him treats, while the second person slowly puzzles out how to undo the knots without pulling too much on his mane.

Even though Beau can wear a halter now, we’ve been doing all of this mane brushing at liberty. That way, if he wants to leave, he always can. It’s always important for the animal to have a choice during training.

We use a detangler product called Cowboy Magic Detangler. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but it works great! It really helps to loosen up the knots so that they come out easier and we don’t end up having to pull as much. It also works as a leave in conditioner, so it helps the horse’s mane from getting tangled again.

This past weekend, I noticed another big dreadlock starting to form in the middle of Beau’s mane. He stood calmly and let me pull the knots apart and run the brush through his entire mane. (Well, almost all of it! He’s still not too sure about having a big brush up behind his ears, so we skipped his forelock and the bits of mane right behind his ears.) After I finished, his mane looked SO much better. It was hard to snap a good photo of him, because he kept trying to follow me around afterward. But, I managed to get one good one!

Check out the photo above, doesn’t he look gorgeous with his mane all brushed?!

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